Thursday, October 11, 2007

Shawl for M

Started: 2006-07-12

Finished: 2006-09-13

Pattern: Shaped Triangle by Katie Nagorney & Ann Swanson from Meg Swansen (ed): A Gathering of Lace
Size: Huge. At least 120 cm (48") in the back and 250 cm (100") from side to side.

Yarn: Multicolored two-plied Kauni yarn in color EL (cobolt blue-purple-navy) + Sandnes Lanett in navy.

Yardage: 240 g Kauni + 70 (?) g Lanett

Needles: US 5? 6?

OK, sometimes you should check the specifics before starting a new project. The shawl in the book was knitted with a much thinner yarn on 3.5 mm
needles. I tried to reach gauge, but had to rip out the whole thing after completing the first diagram, since it just got too dense on 3.0 mm needles. And so it became huge.

A really fun pattern to knit, especially when the first diagram was completed (twice!). The border, which was knit with Lanett, needed almost a fourth of the yardage.

A gift for my friend M on her thirtieth birthday. M assures me she uses it.

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