Thursday, October 11, 2007

Star Trek Junior

Started: 2006-12-02
Finished: 2006-12-23

Pattern: My own (soon to come)

Size: 50-56 cl (0-1 months)

Yarn: Avanti Cotton color 03 (black) + cable spun cotton yarn of unknown origin color15 (cherry red)

Yardage: 135 g (340 m) black and 25 g (60 m?) red.

Needles: 3,5 & 4 mm

Gauge: 22 sts 30 rows stocking stitch = 10 cm (4") using larger needles)

One of the first of my own patterns to be properly documented.

True Trekkies will immediately see that my daughter is on the command track. That was a good choice.

Update: The pattern is now available here.

Purple Baby Tomten Jacket

Started: 2006-11-10
Finished: 2006-11-30

Pattern: Modular Tomten Jacket from Elizabeth Zimmermann: Knitting Without Tears (also in Knitting Workshop)

Size: 50 cl (newborn)

Yarn: Hjerte Sock 4, color 2699 (variegated purple)

Yardage: 70 g = 300 m

Needles: 3 mm

Gauge: 28 sts 56 rows in Stocking stitch = 10 cm(4")

The best baby pattern I have ever knitted and one of very few patterns that I have knitted more than once.

Originally planned as a "delivery knit", but of course I never managed to knit a single stitch in the hospital. (Yeah, I know, but all the books said that with the first child there would be a looong wait during the delivery, so we brought books, music, knitting and food. Then everything happened so fast that we never even had time to park the car.)

Comfort Blanket

Started: 2006-08-16
Finished: 2006-11-09

Pattern: Hearts And Stars Blanket by Zoƫ Mellor from Adorable Knits for Tots

Size: 70*90 cm (28"*36")

Yarn: Mandarin Petit color 337 (orange)

Yardage: about 235 g (870m)

3 mm
24 sts 37 rows in moss stitch = 10 cm (4")

The yarn and the book were a gift from my co-workers
(Trollmamman among others) when I was sick-listed during my pregnancy.

We slept on the blanket for two nights so that it would have our smell. The Wild One was wrapped in it when she was less than 30 minutes old and it seemed to bring her complete comfort and security her first three or four months.

Shawl for M

Started: 2006-07-12

Finished: 2006-09-13

Pattern: Shaped Triangle by Katie Nagorney & Ann Swanson from Meg Swansen (ed): A Gathering of Lace
Size: Huge. At least 120 cm (48") in the back and 250 cm (100") from side to side.

Yarn: Multicolored two-plied Kauni yarn in color EL (cobolt blue-purple-navy) + Sandnes Lanett in navy.

Yardage: 240 g Kauni + 70 (?) g Lanett

Needles: US 5? 6?

OK, sometimes you should check the specifics before starting a new project. The shawl in the book was knitted with a much thinner yarn on 3.5 mm
needles. I tried to reach gauge, but had to rip out the whole thing after completing the first diagram, since it just got too dense on 3.0 mm needles. And so it became huge.

A really fun pattern to knit, especially when the first diagram was completed (twice!). The border, which was knit with Lanett, needed almost a fourth of the yardage.

A gift for my friend M on her thirtieth birthday. M assures me she uses it.

Love Mittens

Started: December 2005
January 2006

Modified mitten #23 from Charlene Schurch: Knitting Marvelous Mittens + my own design

Adult's medium + adult's large + hand-holding mitten

Emu Superwash Double Knit & Wendy Wash & Wear in red, green and natural white

150 g (360m) white, 100g (240m) green, 75 g (180m) red

3,5 mm (?)

Inspired by
these, these and these. My gift for my Big Love the morning after the wedding.
It is no easy feat to keep this kind of knitting a secret while living with the recipient. I succeeded though.

Wedding Shawl


Started: October (?) 2005
Finished: January 2006
Pattern: Sharon Miller’s Dove
Yarn: Rowan Kidsilk Haze, color 590 (Pearl)
Yardage: Slightly over three balls
Needles: 5.o mm

This shawl looks best without blocking, since the bubbly, three-dimensional structure gives it a lovely drape. Unless it is shoved in a drawer for the better part of a year.
My wedding shawl.

My wedding shawl in action. You may also catch a glimpse of the Lovikka mittens I knitted in school when I was fourteen.